Warehouseing and Distribution
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By understanding your issues and anticipating your business
and logistics needs, FREIGHTERS INTERNATONAL experts
provide robust solutions that will drive value for your business.
Whatever industry sector you operate in, FREIGHTERS
INTERNATONAL provides dedicated and shared warehousing
and distribution operations to ensure that you can deliver your
service promise to your customers worldwide.
In addition, we’re offering our customers bonded warehousing
facilities. This is through our agreement with one of the most
Egyptian bonded warehousing companies in Egypt and all over
the Middle East.
Warehousing services:
We offer every combination of warehousing solution that your
supply chain might require, including:
* Un-bonded/Bonded
* Bar coding
* Systematized stock control
* Automated system
* Online stock monitoring
* Transportation
* Packing and re-packing
* Stretch wrapping and labeling
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